Saturday, March 14, 2015

Real Madrid Soccer News: so Captain with Casillas Pride Ramos

Real Madrid Soccer News: so Captain with Casillas Is the pride of Ramos. Playingin clubs and on the Trust became a captain to lead the game let alone amongsenior players in the legendary team that certainly is a great pride for a player in world football.

That is now in natural by Sergio Ramos, a talented player at Real Madrid. Ramosreveals itself cannot withstand the power of the proud moments in this MadridClub clothing to become team captain during play.

A reliable defender who comes from Spain got kepercataan to occupy the position of the captain and led his team of colleagues to play. In addition toproud to be captain of the team, Ramos also expressed kebanggaannya play with one of the senior players a reliable figure in Real Madrid's Iker Casillas is thecurrent player's status as a legend of Madrid.

Certainly this has been the addition of pride for Ramos while leading the teamwith this Madrid legend. "It is a role that it continues to evolve as time passes.Slowly but surely you will certainly continue to get an experience of every trip. Irecorded have joined Real Madrid with a duration of 10 years, and now as one of the captains here, of coursewe all know the great responsibility we have to onewhich emban advises that good and certainly suggestions for players who just joined, "said Ramos at a reporter.

"Being the captain of a world class team in the lead is an honor for me. Certainlythere is no longer anyone who could spread the Club's values here besides meand my senior players, Iker, "he added.

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