Tuesday, April 21, 2015

' Could not Just Barca vs tight, Bavaria Is Enthralling Duel '

Jakarta-Vice President of Barcelona Jordi Mestre is not surprised by the results ofdrawing the semifinals of the Champions League. He assesses the duel withBayern Munich will be fierce and exciting action.

Champions League semi-final draw made in Nyon on Friday (24/4/2015)afternoon GMT put Barca meet with Bavaria. Barca will host the first on May 6.Then Barcelona is scheduled to visit the headquarters of Munich at the AllianzArena on May 12.

It is believed to be a fierce duel. This is because the two teams are both currentlyinhabit the top standings in the League respectively.

In addition there are many other side make the duel more interesting to be listened to. Especially the meeting of two teammates between Luis Enrique who is now so coach Pep Guardiola's Barca. In addition, the former Barca coachGuardiola also.

"The results of the drawing is not surprising but face Bayern and, facing anyteam, with the first game at home to be a difficult thing," said Mestre as quotedUEFA official website.

"We know Josep Guardiola with both, as well as Luis Enrique. We already knoweach other well. It could be other things that make the game more interesting, "explained him.

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